Our Mission

The Partnership for a Safer Cleveland advances innovations in intelligence(data)-oriented policing complemented by cultural transformation and resident engagement, with an emphasis on police as first social responders.

Our Vision

To evolve Cleveland’s justice-focused system into a violence- and crime prevention-focused system.

Our Objectives


Promote ongoing dialogue on criminal justice policy among diverse city and state groups


Identify advocates and lobby for needed changes and resources in the criminal justice system and other systems that are affected or influenced by the criminal justice system


Promote youth opportunities and involvement in decision-making around youth facilities


Organize and participate in symposia, seminars or other events


Facilitate information exchange on a wide-range of issues related to the criminal justice field, focusing on crime deterrence and youth violence prevention


Educate outreach workers and community leaders in the best-practices approach in violence prevention and building healthy, safe communities


Encourage scholarly research in youth development and violence prevention and promote practical applications for the findings