Who We Are

The Partnership for a Safer Cleveland is dedicated to working towards a safer city for all Cleveland residents. We quickly identify the real problems behind crime and violence issues, find the community service gaps that allow them to exist, and fast-track collaborative solutions to solve them before it’s too late. As an independent organization, we provide an array of services to the City of Cleveland and its departments - connecting city and county agencies that can help us in our mission, assisting in conference planning, facilitating group discussions around crime and violence issues, and providing training and education resources to the community. Together, we can change Cleveland for the better. 


3 Core Competencies:



We bring together diverse organizations, groups, and individuals across multiple public and private sectors.



We act as an informational resource for violence prevention efforts and the criminal justice system.



We promote action through program funding and support.

How We Can Help

The experts at the Partnership serve as consultants and resources to public and private groups, working to prevent and lessen violence in their communities and to promote youth development opportunities. We use our broad experience, training and community relationships to bring leaders together.

  1. Consult with your leaders to solve safety concerns
  2. Provide educational workshops for your staff on working with at-risk youth, communication with young people, gangs, violence prevention and more
  3. Facilitate meetings to address safety and violence issues
  4. Provide information on effective programs for youth development and violence prevention
  5. Train and recruit volunteers to implement YLGC in schools or community centers