Impact 25 Mission

The mission of IMPACT 25 is to measurably reduce violence among Cleveland’s youth and young adults and to set them on a path to success by building stronger relationships between at-risk youth, our partner organizations and community interveners.

Impact 25 Promises To:


Reduce youth violence in Cleveland, noticeably


Create safer neighborhoods and reduce fear in the community


Never to give up on Cleveland’s youth and young adults

What is It?

IMPACT 25 is a strategy that engages everyone to work together to design and implement comprehensive programs and policies to support the development of resilient and thriving youth and young adults through coordination, data based decision making, and evaluation to produce long-term and sustained reductions in youth violence. It brings together all the agencies, organizations and community leaders who work at making Cleveland’s neighborhoods safer, to enhance their collective effectiveness at protecting youth, young adults and preventing violence.  ​IMPACT 25 focuses on shared objectives, aligns youth violence prevention strategies, coordinates existing resources, and documents initiative and program successes. 

How Does It Work?

By connecting our city’s youth and young adults (up to 25 years of age) with the most effective combination of community resources from our partner network, we can ensure they learn and form productive habits. 

​IMPACT 25 is supported by an administrative structure that reflects its systematic approach and inclusive focus. The work is driven by three bodies (IMPACT 25 Advocates, Core Management Team, and Work Groups) that, taken together, represent the membership of the collaborative as a whole  


Why Do We Need It?

Cleveland has many successful programs and services entrenched in the community that can be more effective at preventing youth violence if properly coordinated.

IMPACT 25 is more comprehensive than these initiatives, linking nature and focus. It will address high crime neighborhoods and the significant number of youth and young adults age 15-25 in the City of Cleveland.

With a broad view of all the varied youth guidance and safety services available, IMPACT 25 seek to bring all the right partners to address an individual’s challenge in hopes of bettering their life outcomes. 

The Goals of IMPACT 25 are:

  1. Establish an accountable, transparent, and sustainable governance structure that provides collective decision making regarding the reduction and prevention of youth crime through improved practice, protocol and procedure.
  2. Utilize a public health model to support a data-driven, neighborhood-based violence prevention strategy.
  3. Advance community and police relations through community empowerment, community skill building, police training, and proactive use of multi-disciplinary approaches to community problem solving.
  4. Expand financial and in-kind support of IMPACT 25 efforts and participating organizations

The Deliverables of IMPACT 25 are:

  1. Gather input from key stakeholders (funders, practitioners, residents, and young people), identify and engage key constituents to implement durable solutions that will use data based outcomes to ensure the identified problems are being successfully addressed.
  2. Strengthen Cleveland’s Division of Police and other community partners’ effective de-escalation practices through training to improve community trust.
  3. Provide direction for sensible, sustainable violence prevention priorities to Cleveland’s philanthropic community.